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Companies like Costa, Virgin Gyms offering free coffee or membership would gain huge image benefits and feel good publicity.

An administrator becomes the parental figure many never had over the 24 month rehabilitation period. An allocated mentor will procure from local companies short-term work trials & apprenticeship appraisals. The public will be invited to offer gardening rubbish clearance etc. Visiting experts will showcase education opportunities.




Each offenders emotional damage is unique requiring intensive personal counselling research to achieve a structured daily individual achievable programme. Electronic monitoring will check the obligatory offenders report of their whereabouts the previous evening. A five-day admission period establishes their accommodation, health & addiction. 

A strictly supervised facility with pool tables, dart boards, soft drink machines and music would attract kids from gang culture to interact before they are arrested. Free snacks a pittance of the cost of imprisonment would help make NEWSTART a cool thing.






                         GIVE ​ NEWSTART  A  CHANCE

Youth crime reduction needs a team integral to a reformed criminal to understand the teenage criminal mind. To reduce crime and gang culture you must fully understand criminality, not from a text book but from real life.  Comprehend the criminal's attraction to and fears of leaving that way of life. Offenders must be enthused, spoken to in the streets,courts & prisons offering a new start. Crime will never be controlled complacently from behind a desk. Previous and existing ineffectual policies of reducing crime benefiting only highly paid desk-bound out of touch mentors.   


Today's criminal 14 year olds will like me grow up to be adult bank robbers unless we intervine

Costly funded charities have no accountability of exact results. Sadiq Khan London's Mayor says the death increase is not his fault. Whose fault is it then? If there is washing up to be done get off your bum, stop talking, roll up your sleeves and do it. The dishes wont wash themselves up nor will the back street kids over night on their own become angels. NEWSTART is a hands on approach to win the respect of young criminals coercing them to visit our centres to meet others who have turned their lives around. Meeting offenders in prisons, at the courts & in the streets is vital. Its not their stealing we need to understand it's why they steal. When we understand that we can begin to steer wayward kids in a different direction. After their theatrical Mayoral election promises London, Manchester and other areas are in a worse state - more kids on drugs - more homeless, more kids dead - more real life washing up to be done. Behind their desks they still get highly paid achieving nothing. If their kids were killed they would soon stop talking get up and actually do something!

Each ex-offender becomes a member with a unique ID card enabling them to free daily coffee, gym membership & travel. Reducing crime with free travel will be a fraction of the cost of arresting and imprisoning them.

As trust develops with offenders we will interview family members encouraging unity. A qualified independent can resolve long standing issues